Town Hall tour on 8th September 2017



The main attraction for tourists to Dover is usually a visit to the Castle but which for our group would  involve too much walking. So we went to the Maison Dieu and the Town Museum and were delighted with our choice. The Maison Dieu tours were informative and entertaining and were followed by an excellent lunch in a private room with very good friendly service.

In the afternoon we walked through the town in pretty heavy rain to visit the Town Museum. It houses a Bronze Age Boat which was uncovered under the streets of Dover in 1992  and using wonderful modern science it has been preserved for all to see.

It is the oldest  discovered boat in the world and dates from 1500 BC !!

A truly wonderful exhibition with a well presented film to which we can recommend a visit.  There is so much more to Dover than the castle or catching the Ferry!!

Driver Darren chose a scenic route home across the Marsh and we were well pleased with our day out.

Rosie Broadbent Sandhurst Friendship Club