Ivan Green



Ivan Green

Dover and the Monarchy

From Conquest to Glorious Revolution by Ivan Green. Ivan Green was well-known as a local author and historian and this book was a welcome addition to his books on Dover. It covers the history of Dover from 1066 to 1688, with special reference to its connections with the kings and queens of that period. Some of the material in the book, on the Normans and the Tudors  appeared previously as articles in Dover Society Newsletters. Ivan  gifted these articles to the Society, which published the book in 2001 through Triangle Publications.

All the illustrations are from Ivan's own collection. 
The book originally cost £10.00 but is now available at £3 and is available from  Derek Leach,

Launched at October 2001 Dover Society meeting
24 Riverdale, River, Dover, Kent CT17 0QX, 01304 823926 or via dover-books.co.uk  Postage and packing outside Dover, £ 1.50. Cheques payable to D A Leach