General Meeting
 on Monday 25th October 2004 
in Biggin Hall Hall, Dover Kent, England UK

The meeting, in the Biggin Hall, was chaired by Derek Leach, the new chairman of the society, who reminded members the next meeting on November 15 would be back at St Mary's parish centre.


Second speaker was Jon Iveson, curator

of Dover Museum who, with the use of sketches and photographs, traced the history of the fortifications on the Western Heights. Questioned, he said he believed, at one time, some 4,000 troops were stationed at the Western Heights with another 2,000 at Dover Castle.


members at the meeting


Dover District Council's chief planning officer Mike Dawson told a packed meeting of the Dover Society on October 25 that in 20 years there could be 5,000 more houses in Dover. This, he said, was one of two options being considered by the authorities.
Mr Dawson was questioned on a number of issues and suggested that the near future could see a much larger B&Q store moving to the second phase of the White Cliffs Business Park at Whitfield. That, he thought, could have an impact on the future of the Charlton Green supermarket and the site.
The website for Dover District Council has considerable information relating to planning and this will help to save and reduce the workload of the officers if people use it as a starting point.