General Meeting
 Members of The Dover Society 
on Monday, 20th October 2003, 
were treated to a double menu 
of speakers at St Mary's parish centre.

First Speaker
Paul Bolas
Paul Bolas, a scientist with expertise on water, gave an upbeat view on the possibilities of improving conditions for the river Dour as it flows through villages and the town of Dover.
He described how pure the river water is at its source but how it sometimes gets polluted down stream through the run-off from roads and car parks in heavy rain.


Second Speaker
Michael Hinton
The Reverend Michael Hinton, a society member, told how the Victorian social reformer Josephine Butler campaigned for the rights of women, especially in getting repealed the Contagious Diseases Acts.
Under these acts, working class women walking in the streets, believed by police to be prostitutes, could be picked up and medically examined.
The acts were brought in by government because of the increase in disease among soldiers and sailors.






Draw of Raffle tickets

at meeting
by Jeremy Cope