General Meeting
14th October 2002
St. Mary's Hall


Nadeem Aziz
 Guest speaker at a meeting of members of The Dover Society, on Monday, 
was Nadeem Aziz, managing director of Dover District Council.
During his address he commented: "Dover is a fantastic place with great people, 
and great history but does not realise its full potential. East Kent, in my view, 
is very much underrated."
Mr Aziz answered a series of questions about the financial savings (or cuts) 
proposed by the leadership of the district council and was left in no doubt about 
the strong feelings against downgrading Dover Museum and removing the fountain
 from Dover Market Square.
But he pointed out that savings had to be made somewhere. During a "brainstorming" session, after Mr Aziz had left, members suggested one way of saving money was to cut out the glossy brochure publicity, which the council sends out.