Once again 
The Dover Society enjoyed two speakers at its public meeting on 
Monday, 17th November 2003 
St Mary's parish centre

First Speaker
Reg Coleman

Former headmaster Reg Coleman OBE told us about that defining day in British history, May 10th 1940, when Winston Churchill became prime minister following a House of Commons debate that day and the following day.
Reg detailed Churchill's character and recalled how he inspired the British to fight on against Hitler and the Nazis, although all appeared to be lost.



Second Speaker
Dick Bolton

Dick Bolton, using screened pictures, spoke about the history of the Cinque Ports, how they supplied ships for the monarch and the rewards they received for doing so.
He explained why the Cinque Ports' influence gradually waned as demand for warships got bigger and brought his talk up to date with recollections of the installations of Lord Wardens including the Queen Mother.