General Meeting
 on Monday 19th March 2007 
in St Mary's Hall, Dover Kent, England UK


Speaker:  Audrey Wind on her time at Bletchley Park in World War Two working on the Enigma machine ( short extract )
A packed St Mary's parish centre on Monday heard the "secrets" of how the British cracked the enemy codes during World War 2 through the work of the hundreds engaged at Bletchley Park. The speaker, Mrs Audrey Wind, was one of those engaged in the top secret Ultra work. She brought along one of the Enigma machines, this one having been discovered and excavated by a French farmer on a former German airfield. Mrs Wind explained how they were all sworn to lifetime secrecy, only to have the secrecy blown by an American newspaper after the war.

The meeting, organised by The Dover Society, was chaired by Derek Leach who reminded members the society is organising a visit to Bletchley Park in June.


                      Enigma Machine

                        Enigma Machine








Audrey Wind



Raffle on the night




The second talk of the evening was by respected archaeologist Brian Philp who recalled the background how Roman forts were discovered and excavated under town centre Dover. He also described the proposals he and his colleagues put forward to display their finds in a Market Square exhibition centre-proposals that were rejected in favour of the controversial White Cliffs Experience. But the Roman Painted House was still attracted many visitors.