Bryan Walker


Hundreds of thousands pounds worth of Dover civic regalia was shown to members of The Dover Society on Monday (16th) at St Mary's parish centre.
Displaying the regalia was Bryan Walker, Dover's Town Sergeant and former Royal Marine, who was guest speaker.

During his talk he reported that the mayor of Dover, along with other Cinque Ports' mayors and the Lord Warden (Admiral the Lord Boyce), was going to the House of Lords next month to try to win back the opportunity to town councils the right to grant honorary freemanship to people. That right was lost on local government reorganisation in 1974.

Derek Leach

large attendance at the meeting

Margaret Reidy organises raffle

Second speaker at the packed meeting was the society's chairman Derek Leach of River, author of the book Dover Harbour-Royal Gateway, who told of the changing lay-out of Dover harbour in the battle against silting and the easterly drift of shingle.
At the same time Mr Leach recalled of the many monarchs who had passed through the port of Dover over the centuries.