General Meeting
 on Monday 16th November 2009 
in St Mary's Hall, Dover Kent, England UK



Speaker: Councillor Sue Jones




Sue making her 198th official engagement since being elected Mayor six months ago, detailed the role of a mayor over the centuries. She also told of her appointment as Speaker of the Confederation of the Cinque Ports. Using a PowerPoint presentation the mayor screened a series of photographs (some of which she had taken) including those of the mayor's official seals that have been used over the centuries.


Speaker: Miss Ruth Parkinson 



Ruth told how her discovery of a door at the back of the Grand Burstin hotel in Folkestone led her to investigate the history of the Royal Pavilion Hotel that once stood on the site. 

Parts of the former 400-bedroom hotel are now "crudely attached" to the Burstin, she explained. Miss Parkinson, an artist, detailed her research of the hundreds of guests who stayed at the Royal Pavilion, many after crossing the Channel from Boulogne to Folkestone. The guests included members of the famous Rothschild family, Prince Albert, the Duke of Wellington, the King of Sardinia in 1855, Charles Dickens and Thackeray. The  Pavilion received its "Royal" prefix following a visit by Queen Victoria.
She regretted the demolition of the old hotel and said it was a great pity that holiday camp pioneer Billy Butlin did not proceed with his suggestion of buying the property.