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Next meeting Tuesday 8th November 2016 at 7.00pm

53 Park Avenue, Dover


Jeremy Cope    - Chairman


Jenny Oplin - Minute secretary,

John Cotton

Mike McFarnell,

Sylvie Parsons,

Jim Pople,

Alan Sencicle, 

Mike Weston,  


April 2016 - Special Clean Up Dover Campaign!


Veteran Campaigners appeal to all for April Spring Clean of Town


Two long standing campaigners for the interests of Dover are appealing to the public, the business Community and other organisations, to give Dover a makeover during the month of April by helping to clear litter from the Town. Adeline Reidy, who has been engaged on many campaigns over the past forty years and has been the prime mover in the Castle Street Society over many years, together Peter Sherred, a former two times President of the Dover Chamber of Commerce and activist in the town for decades, are urging people to make the town litter free as far as is possible. They both point to the fact there is much positive news currently circulating about the town and especially the new developments currently under way or proposed and believe that if Dover is to become more of a destination than merely a transit town it has to smarten up its act. Fly tipping and litter dropping in particular has become endemic the duo believe and they believe it is time to arrest the process and reverse the trend by encouraging everyone to pick up litter they see and place it in the rubbish bins provided by the Council. Adeline Reidy says “in times gone by people used to take a pride in their town and in keeping their properties and the town in a tidy condition and it was not unusual for people to be seen sweeping their frontages and tidying up on a daily basis. That ethos seems to have been lost and it is time to recapture it.”

The two propose that with the arrival of April and British Summer Time, a period in the year usually associated with spring-cleaning, the community rally round and give added support to all the volunteer groups and individuals who endeavour to keep the town tidy of litter throughout the year. To this end they are encouraging all schools in the Dover Town and area to use the week commencing 4th April to organise the clearance of their grounds of all litter currently deposited in them. During the week commencing 11th April they are encouraging all businesses, large and small, to allocate time to tidy up and clean all land within their ownership of litter and other abandoned waste. For the week commencing 18th April the duo hope all churches and other institutions not in the previous categories to undertake the same task and for the three weeks commencing 4th April they are encouraging all householders to undertake similar tasks. They also encourage all the volunteer societies to supplement these actions with a renewed effort in their specific areas of interest such as the rivers and parks and public spaces.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for all those who have an interest in the betterment of the town to play their part and help to make the town visually more attractive by removing the environmentally detrimental effects of the antisocial activities of fly tippers who despoil our town. We all have an obligation to be stewards of creation and in particular our town and by responding to this plea we hope that it will help in the process of making Dover a tourist destination in its own right” said Peter Sherred. The two issue a list of suggested opportunities or tasks that would help to make the town a better place and rid it of its litter image





Things you can do in a small way - not too much time – not too much commitment.                                                    Become a street Organiser or /Manager – this just needs a couple of interested people - others will follow, make new friends. Other pointers for action:-

Look after your own area - start with outside your own Home, Flat or Business.

  1. Check to see if your garden or Area is free from litter.
  2. Help senior citizen neighbours or disabled people who cannot tend their properties.
  3. Following the winter, where possible, wash your street signs of dirt.
  4. Remove Rubbish bags to a safe area for collection - so they are not opened by birds or pests.
  5. Report vermin sightings to Dover District Council
  6. Ask Dover District Council for spare bags to pick up waste
  8. We are asking the Council to help with; Wall Cigarette Butts.  No Spitting Signs.  No Dog Fouling signs- or a bin.   Adeline Reidy has spent many years maintaining and caring for the environment of the Castle Hill/Street area of the town and Peter Sherred, with other members of the Rotary Clubs in the town, recently was engaged in major clear up campaigns in Green lane and Poulton Close. Both are ardent anti-litter campaigners and seek the help of the town community in April to take a major effort to remove the litter currently despoiling the environment of the town. Photographs of before and after conditions of areas of activity would be useful to enable people to see the transformation that can be achieved with a concerted campaign of the “spring cleaning”. They should be sent to either of the two campaigners.


Report litter on the Street -

copy your report to doversociety@hotmail.com



The demolition of Burlington House has changed the skyline of Dover for the better.