The presentation of its first AWARDS by THE DOVER SOCIETY on 4 October was a popular occasion with both recipients and audience. The framed Award certificates are obviously prized possessions of the General Manager of WigglnsTeape Buckland Paper Mill and of the Kent County Council- Planning Authority Architect responsible for the Magistrates' court. 

A report appears later.

THE CHRISTMAS GATHERING WITH MUSIC on 9 December in the beautiful Norman Refectory of Dover College, by kind permission of the Headmaster, was an undoubted success with the seventy guests. Leo wright has contributed an article on it.

0n 12 December the committee was pleased to be invited to a special presentation by John Clayton, Director of Planning and Technical Services about THE WHITE CLIFFS EXPERIENCE and found lt lnteresting and lnformative.

On 20 December the Committee is to be given a presentatlon on his proposals by Brian Philp, the Director of the Kent Archaer:Ioglcal Rescue unlt

An invltatlon, as you will know from the letter sent to you, is extended to all members of the Society and their personal guests, for Tuesday, 10 January at the Corrncll Officers. Please be there as we want a large audlence to this presentatlon of THE WHIITE CLIFFS EXPERIENCE. As numbers are Iimited to 160 please send in the slip provided on the letter immediately if you can come. If you are not sure how to get there see p.

The Dover Society is, of course, very interested tn the proposed HERITAGE CENTRE and very concerned that Dover should have the best possible complex. We consider it is both desirable and necessary for the town and the district, although the tlme allowed for consultation ls regrettably short. We hope for a tourist-oriented scheme which is archaeologically and historlcally sound. The excellent work of K.A.R.U' has estabtished the centre of Dover as a place of the greatest archaeological importance. The graphlcs - Sidney the Seagull, Corporal Crab etc - Give cause for concern; the drawlngs seen at the Town HalI display are very poor - those seen at the presentation better but we hope that the concept of cartoon characters will not cheapen the whole thing.



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