On 27 June our second PUBLIC MEETING took place and was well-attended.

Mike  McFarnall spoke about some of the Council's plans for the improvement of Dover. 

John Gerrard Chief Engineer of Dover Harbour Board and our Deputy Chairman gave a very interesting account of rhe history and future plans of 

D.H .B. and showed a model of the proposed new cafe which is to replace the 

one which was badly damaged in the great gale of October 1987. As a result of members' comments the design has been modified. 

Ken Wraight spoke about the activities of the Planning Sub-Committee.


As we noted in the first Newsletter it was evident to the Committee, on a conducted Dour, that neglect and shoddy maintenance had done their worst in BROOK HOUSE and t.hat its inevitable end was all too obvious. However we were shocked at the lack of understanding of public feeling which led to its unannounced destruction at 5 o'clock one morning. we are also very concerned about the confusion over its possible listing as a protected building. It is to be hoped that the site will now be quickly cleared and that future development of this area will be a real asset to Dover.

On the credit side we congratulate the council on its efforts to control and clear LITTER and hope that it gets the support it should from the public. The MARKET SQUARE scheme has some attractive features - the lamp-posts with their globes and hanging baskets of flowers and foliage, the elegant gold-banded black metal posts and signpost, the contrasts of surface texture underfoot and its centre-piece the dandelion-clock-headed fountain. Trees are an asset to the Square though the wooden containers rather less so.

A notice about the history of the Trough, which has a rather grave-like appearance in this setting, would help to explain its presence. There are some interesting angles which make even the west end of Castle Street look better and the two most attractive facades of the Square. the Old Market Hall and Lloyds Bank, make good backdrops. A measure of public approval is that many people obviously like sitting there and meeting in it during the day and this immediately makes it a much friendlier place and a better town centre. We hope that the development or improvement of the exits from the Square will be carefully considered.

The OLD TOWN GAOL in the Town Hall is an imaginative idea well-planned and promises to continue to be a great attraction for tourists and local people.

Do visit it if you haven't done so already.



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