1930 shows the Coffins of the victims of the R101 disaster at Dover, brought back from Boulogne on the "Tempest".
     The final flight of the R101 airship ended in disaster on Saturday 4th October 1930:  "Full state honours were given to the victims and special trains were laid on to transport them from the crash site to the channel. They were carried by H.M.S. Tempest from Boulogne to Dover, where a special train took the bodies to Victoria Station. From there they were carried in state to Westminster Hall at the Palace of Westminster and were laid in state. 
The mourning public waited many hours to pay their respects by filing past the coffins. A memorial service was held at St Paul’s Cathedral on Saturday 11th October, after which the coffins were taken by train to Bedford. They were walked the two miles to Cardington Village, where a space had been prepared in the churchyard. All 48 dead were finally laid to rest in a special grave. 
This card has a Dover postmark although the date has been removed (with the stamp) and is of the Kent Cyclist Battalion. This photograph may have been taken at their camp at Dover. Alan Brooks' Great-Grandfather (to the left of the chap with the drop handlebar bike) wrote 'woke to the sight of an air ship landing in the field next to our camp. It took just 25 minutes to cross the channel .... The card is franked 1909 and is believed to be posted the day Bleriot landed in Dover (this is part of a series of cards posted before and after that date)