Photograph c.1890 of East Cliff Jetty, by Amos, which shows his darkroom on wheels..

Photograph c.1890 of East Cliff Jetty, by Amos, which shows his darkroom on wheels.

The gentleman in top hat is thought to be the photographer himself.



Attached backstamp of an Amos photograph 1865

Attached backstamp of an Amos photograph 1865.
G.T. AMOS of Snargate Street - notes on “his superior photographs” were included in an early Dover Express - 4 Sept 1858 and from Post Office Directory 1878 - Dover- Commercial List includes George Thomas AMOS photographer, of 12 Snargate Street

1881 Census for 12 Snargate Street, Dover; reference F123 p.15/16 No.76 says:

Geo Thos AMOS head married 53 Artist P. born Dover

Mary Ann JENNER (AMOS crossed out) (wife crossed out: “companion” inserted) Unmarried. 28 born Cranbrook.
Eugine JENNER son 2 born Dover
Florence Mary JENNER dau 1 mon. born Dover.
Emily Jane JENNER visitor Unm. 30 Milliner born Cranbrook
Mary Ann EATON serv. U. 50 Nurse born Benenden
(NB. Artist P. means Artist Photographer) and his death:
Geo Thos AMOS Photographer of Dover age 87. (see Dover Express 11.12.1914
front page col.1, also back page col.4 funeral; also Dover Express 18.12.1914
back page col.2 funeral)

Dr Simon of Dover - succeeded in reversing image obtained by Daguerrian process (Dover Telegraph 9 May 1840 back page col.4)


Dr Simon Mr MAGINN, of 39 Castle Street, Dover (early Photographer) “Produced excellent collodian likenesses.
Our highest recommendations” (Dover Telegraph Sat Feb 3 1855 p. 8 col. 3 top)

Lambert WESTON 30 Practical chemist born in Kent
Anna WESTON 30 Not born in Kent
Eliza GREENWOOD 18 Not born in Kent
Lambert WESTON 4
Joseph WESTON 3
Cecil WESTON 1 (all children said to be born in Kent)
Frances BAKER 20 Female servant born in Kent
Ann WEST 20 Female servant born in Kent
(DOVER St James parish 1841 census) Dolphin Lane, F.44 p.

Lambert WESTON & Son, Photographer, 18 Waterloo Crescent, Dover (opposite the Bank) (advert, page lviii, 1875 Sinnock Directory)

Lambert WESTON & Son, photographers to the Queen and HRH Prince Arthur; 18 Waterloo Crescent Dover and 23 Sandgate Road, Folkestone (P.O. Directory 1878)

Lambert WESTON in 1886 was at Cambridge Road, Dover.