IGGLESDEN & GRAVES bakery shop and restaurant, Market Square, c.1904

  “The Family of the Igglesdens”
from written notes, among Dover Baptist Church records
“Mr John Igglesden was a native of Tenterden Kent, was brought up to the sea where he employed the first part of his life after he arrived to the age of 18 years, before this he lived in country service.  He was born in the year 1736, was baptised in the year 1770 and united to Dover Church.  He married his wife Elizabeth in 1760, was ordained Deacon Octr.30 1781.  He continued at Sea as the master of a vessel untill the year 1790 when he abandoned that post (having made several voiages to the United States of America) and having purchased several Bathing Machines he still carries on that in connection with the Herring Business at Dover.  He has had by his wife Elizabeth 10 children, viz:
1) Elizabeth born Aug? 18 1760 and died 1762
2) Margaret  born Octr. 18 1762  Married to Jas NASH of Dover by whom she has 5 children  John James, Abigal, Joseph and Jemima;


4) John  born April 12 1766  baptised -     married to Amy MARSH 1791, she was baptised  -   they have 6 children (viz):  Amy born July,  Jemima born,  Ann born,  John born, Jemima born, George born Dec.26 1801
5) William born Decr 12 1768  baptised  in the year -   he married Sarah HAYWARD  she was baptised - Mr  Wm Igglesden is by trade a Cordwainer has for some years been the leading Singer in the congregation, they have 4 children (viz):  John born Nov 6 1795,  Elizabeth born Jul 20 1797,  Anna born Sep 27 1799, Wm born Sep 15 1801
6) Joseph born Aug 1 1771  baptised -  and in the year -   he married Mary BRADLEY, he was by his father trained to the sea and has for some years been (the master -crossed out) of a vessel he has had  several  children only one of which survives (viz):  John Bradley Igglesden born -

7) Sarah born Jul 28 1773  married to Robt WOOD in 1800 they have two children (viz) Ann and Mary
8) Samuel born Dec 6 1775 by trade a taylor in Dover
9) Elizabeth  born Jan.30 1778 in the year -  she married to Jas FORWARK of Dover
10) Ann born Dec 30 1780 and died 1785
         “The above family form a very pleasant part of the congregation, many of them being either members or constant hearers.”

Later notes, about the church in 1892 mentioned that Mr Benjamin Alfred Igglesden was one of the surviving trustees of the chapel.  He was desirous of retiring from the trust and was by a deed dated 26 Sep 1892 discharged from the post under the 32 section of the Conveyancing and Law of property Act 1881 and by that deed the fee simple of the whole of the trust property was conveyed so that the same became completely vested in the old or continuing trustee (Mr Cullen Marsh) conjointly with the new trustees as stated.




Captain Edward Marsh with his wife Frances (daughter of Benjamin and Mary Igglesden), and Captain Marsh's son Harold Stanley Marsh, in Dover c.1906.  
Captain Marsh was a merchant seaman, shipwrecked in 1850 on the ship 'Boadicea' on Guernsey.   In later life he sailed from Dover to Freemantle, Western Australia; his wife Frances sailed with him and wrote an article 'The Ship's Lady'.    He retired and ran a grocery shop in Dover.
Edward's parents were Cullen Marsh who ran the Dover Bathing Establishment, and Priscilla (nee Bourne). After Priscilla died, Cullen married her sister Eliza.

photograph and information kindly supplied 
by Lindsay Marsh, great-grand-son of Edward.






Benjamin Igglesden, born 1804, died 1873 aged 69, linen-draper and a freeman of Dover, who married Mary MARTEN of Barfrestone in 1820.
(photograph and information kindly supplied by Lindsay Marsh, great-great-grand-son of Benjamin and Mary)

photograph and information kindly supplied by Lindsay Marsh, great-grand-son of Edward.


IGGLESDEN & GRAVES bakery shop and restaurant, Market Square, c.1904



IGGLESDEN & GRAVES restaurant c.1965



IGGLESDEN & GRAVES restaurant c.1965
(photo: Bob Hollingsbee)


Dickens Corner Cafe trade card, late 1980s


Dickens Corner Cafe trade card, late 1980s


Igglesden & Graves advertisement 1826 from Dover Guide


Igglesden & Graves advertisement
1826 from Dover Guide 


Dover Town Guide