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Chidwick 's the Tobacconists

Chidwick 's the Tobacconists

W.H. CHIDWICK, Cannon Street, Dover, Tobacconist:

Notice of a new supply of cigars etc

(Dover Telegraph 6 June 1846 p.1 col.1).

W.H. CHIDWICK, 8 Cannon Street, -
at Dover Police Report was accused of evading duty on cheroots and tobacco

W.H. CHIDWICK, Cannon Street, Dover, Tobacconist:

(one and half columns report)

(Dover Telegraph 27 June 1846 p.8 cols 3 & 4).
George Nicholls CHIDWICK, Cigar Importer, 7 Cannon Street, Dover

(Commercial List, Post Office Directory 1878)


“TOBACCO and SNUFF MANUFACTORY at DOVER   to be sold by auction  on the premises  on Monday the 21st April instant, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon,  -    A complete set of Tobacco and Snuff implements as they are now fix’t in the warehouse, consisting of two engines, three standing presses, a double Mortar-press, two large Copper Pans, a pair of iron rowels, about 70 cutting boxes, a Snuff Mill, with iron pins, knives, sieves and everything necessary to carry on the trade in an extensive way.  Together with a house and shop 40-feet in front and 45-feet deep with wash-house, yard, stable and warehouse adjoining, every way calculated to carry on an extensive trade in the Grocery, Chandlery or any business that requires Room in an eligible part of the Pier in Dover, and now in the occupation of Mr Robert BARRON, Tobacconist.
   And immediately after the sale of the house and implements, will be sold by AUCTION:  All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and STOCK in trade of the said Mr Robert Barron, consisting of tobacco and snuff, a large pair of scales, several pair of small scales, and a number of half hundredweight weights;  likewise the genteel Whiskey with Harness complete;  also a Cyder Mill and Press.
   Any person inclined to treat the house and tools by private contract, may be informed of the particulars by applying to Mr ROBERT BARRON, on the premises, or Edward RUTTER, Auctioneer, Bench Street, Dover.”              

(Kentish Gazette 8 – 11 April 1788 page 1 col.1)


Cannon Street with St Mary's church, Dover

Cannon Street with St Mary's church, Dover (1892 - 93 )



the bear in Cannon Street

'The bear' in Cannon Street


 Trouser button


 Just another trouser button ….. 

I dug up this small worn metal object, after a detecting signal while out on a friend’s market garden field.  They don’t always have names on but this one read “LEIGH, BREECHES MAKER, DOVER”.
      I found James LEIGH was a breeches maker and tailor at 12 Cannon Street, Dover (1), and that there was a James LEIGH baptised at St Marys Church Dover on 30 January 1811 (born 28.12.1810), a son of Stephen and Sarah LEIGH (2).
Stephen LEIGH of Dover, Leather Breechesmaker is recorded in Dover Apprentice Enrolments as taking two apprentices:   John CULLMER aged about 13 was apprenticed “until 21 yrs of age”, £8. 8s. was paid to the master by River overseer and churchwarden, apprenticeship was enrolled 13.5.1808 and 



The other recorded apprenticeship was John MARLOW son of Wm MARLOW of Dover, cabinetmaker, for 7 yrs, enrolled on 7.7.1820.

 In 1839 Stephen LEIGH was selling braces (and presumably breeches) in the same area of Cannon Street – he gave evidence in 1839 when 12 pairs of braces were stolen from his premises:
“George BAKER, 20, labourer, charged with stealing at St Marys Dover on 1 December last, 12 pairs of braces the property of Stephen LEIGH, pleaded not guilty.  William CARLTON butcher of Tilmanstone saw the prisoner making off from Mr LEIGH’s shop with the braces under his gabardine, and saw prisoner take the braces from a nail outside Mr LEIGH’s door, put them under his gabardine and walk away with them.   John CRICK, policeman on the same day saw prisoner coming down Cannon Street with the braces under his gabardine and took him into custody.  Mr LEIGH identified the braces found in prisoner’s possession as his.  The recorder recommended Mr LEIGH to be careful not so to expose his goods, to which the latter replied that goods had “hung at his door for 30 years” without being disturbed. 

The prisoner was found guilty and sentenced to 2 months’ imprisonment with hard labour”    (Dover Telegraph 12 Jan 1839 p.8) (3)
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