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1908 Dover Pageant

In July 1905, so the story goes, Louis received a letter from a friend telling him that the town of Sherborne proposed to celebrate the 1200th anniversary of the famous school there and suggested a folk play. Louis was excited by the ideas and the result was a traditional pageant that involved both the town and the school. The vicar of St Mary's Church, Dover, Canon Henry Bartram,  attended and he was so impressed that in his sermon on 4th January,  1907, he suggested that Dover should have a pageant  " lest we forget" the town's history. 
He added that such an event would bring thousands of visitors to the town which would help the economy. Within a month Dover's Mayor, Councillor George Raggett, invited Louis  to address the civic dignitaries.
Louis Napeolon Parker
Master of 1908 
Dover Pageant
The enthusiasm he engendered was such that a committee was set up under the secretaryship of Councillor H R Geddes. It was decided to hold the event in the summer of the following year in the grounds of the Priory of St Martin's, now Dover College. By this time a new mayor of Dover had been elected, Walter Emden. He differed from all his predecessors in that he was not a member of the Town Council, having been chosen under  a special provision of the Municipal Corporation Act 1182. This allowed a burgess of another council to qualify  and as he had previously  been  the  Mayor  of Westminster, he helped the Dover  Pageant  with  many connections in the capital. The mayor  was  able  to raise a considerable amount of sponsorship money to finance the event.
A very impressive list of patrons included the Prince of Wales
The first day of the pageant dawned sunny and warm and 2,000 performers  mostly people of Dover  led by Canon Bartram as King Arthur, portrayed Dover history. 
The covered grandstand seated 5,100  people  with  prices  ranging from 3/6d to 21s. 
All tickets were sold for the six days of the pageant.
Dover Triumph Song words by JAMES RHOADES, music by H. J. TAYLOR.
Although the event was so successful it was not staged again until 1983 in Connaught Park.
Marianne Sergeant played the part of a Saxon girl in the crowd aged 12 in episode 1 and 2 and she handed a key to Mayor of Dover Bob Tant the hand over to the next generation. 
The return to the original venue of Dover College took place with the 1999 Dover Pageant.