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In 1981, Michael William McFarnell was given a copy of the original 'Book of Words' to the 1908 Dover Pageant.

Inspired by the printed colour cover he started to organise the restart of the Dover Pageant. With a small guest house in Dover, Kent, UK, he wanted to help promote Dover through the rich history of the Town.

Three venues were considered;

Dover College ( venue for original 1908 )

Dover Castle

Connaught Park

Connaught Park was used as the first two venues were not available and the event was scheduled for 1982.   

Organising an event of this size forced the date to be revised to May 1983. The format of the Dover Pageant from 1983 until 1992 followed the same pattern with chariot races run on the hour. Between the races, schools and groups performed. The Pageant parade was the highlight and prizes awarded.

In 1992 Noreen Thomas was asked to write a script which told the Story of Dover. The script for the 1994, 1999, 2002 and 2005 Dover Pageants have been written by Noreen.

In 1999, the Pageant moved back to Dover College, the original venue of the 1908 Pageant.

The last Dover Pageant took place on the 8th June 2008 at Dover College.


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