Richard ANDREWS, formerly watch maker and jeweller in Dover died at his home at Charlton (by Dover) aged 63..... his wife died about 15 yrs since...
22 years before he attempted suicide by cutting his throat but was saved by his servant who called in a person named SMITH who saved his life.....   After retirement from business having amassed considerable wealth (said to be upwards of £14,000) he always went to bed about 4 in the afternoon, winter and summer, took his meals at a cook's shop, except his tea which he took at home, labouring for an hour to raise water from a well via a pump. 

He left the greatest part of his money to his executors and the remainder in legacies to various wealthy individuals. His relations were cut off without a shilling...
He declined to be buried in his wife's vault...  this was because she left her private property to her own relations which so angered him he withheld the copper name plate engraved for her coffin.
He would never allow a woman near his house to do any work;  doing his own housework. He always slept in his day clothes. When he was ill (6 weeks before his death) he called in a next door neighbour with whom he had rarely
spoken before, to help.  He previously had a brass plate engraved with his name to go on his coffin and to be buried with his four valuable rings on his fingers, a new pair of buckskin breeches under his head, a velvet cap in his right hand, new shirt studded with silver buttons for a shroud, and to be wrapped in his grandmother's wedding sheet...  After his death an iron chest was found said to contain old gold, silver plate, gold rings and old coin of great value.  He had preserved all the tools of his trade and kept them in good condition. He was buried at Charlton church (near Dover).
(Dover Telegraph Nov 23 1839, back page, col. 3)