Mrs Pankhurst


Votes for Women !!!

Mrs Pankhurst of Suffragette fame

- in her car which bears campaign posters, pictured in Dover outside the Central Garage. The radiator appears to have the year 1926 on it. (Mrs Pankhurst - born 1858 - who campaigned for the vote for women, died in 1928.) The garage pictured was in Cambridge Road, from 1925 onwards, according to street directories. Curiously the phone number as given as 212, but in this photo it appears to be 313 or 513. J. Licence, cycle engineer/dealer, advertising on the flank wall on the right, had a business in Northampton Street in the 1920s. Mrs Pankhurst had two supportive daughters, one of whom could be with her in the car, or perhaps they are her two daughters in the cab.