HAMBROOK, Richard,    Master of the “Starling” – accidental death:
“Fatal Accident – On Monday last a fatal accident occurred in Boulogne Harbour to Mr Richard HAMBROOK, Master of the brig “Starling” of Dover belonging to Messrs BUSSEY &  Co., coalmerchants.  At the evidence given at the investigation before the British Consul, it appeared that the deceased left the town shortly after ten o’clock to go on board his vessel which was lying alongside the Capicure Quay and in so doing it is supposed that he missed the ladder and, being low water, fell from a height of about 20 feet.  The mate stated that, being surprised at his master’s not coming on board at his usual time he went into the town about ten o’clock and finding he had just left, returned on board where he paced the deck for some time and in the morning seeing a cap floating by the side of a vessel he became alarmed and called up the crew when, by the use of a boathook the body was found in the mud near the bottom of the ladder.  On being taken on board it was found to have sustained a fracture of the arm with a frightful wound on the temple which the surgeon stated must have caused instant death.  Deceased was only 36 years of age, was a sober, steady man and having been in the service of his present employers for a considerable period enjoyed their utmost confidence.  This melancholy accident caused universal regret and on the vessel leaving Boulogne for Dover on Thursday morning with the corpse on board, the whole of the shipping in the harbour both British and Foreign as a token of respect hoisted their flags half mast high.”  

(Dover Telegraph 12 June 1847 page 8 col.3)